Financial Support

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NIH-NIDA R21 DA038009    Febo (PI)  2015-2017

Imaging In Vivo Neural Mechanisms of Synthetic Cathinones (Bath Salts)

The goal of this project is to assess the acute dose-dependent effects of 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) on affective and reward seeking behavior. Studies will also examine neural activation using functional MRI and functional connectivity analysis.

NIH-NIDA R21   Setlow;Bruijnzeel (PI)   2015-2017

Lasting behavioral and neuroimaging consequences of adolescent exposure to cannabis smoke

The proposed research program will use a rat model to determine the lasting effects of adolescent exposure to cannabis smoke on affective and cognitive outcome measures, as well as the relationships between these behavioral measures and in vivo neuroimaging measures of brain structural and functional integrity.

NIH-NIDA     Setlow;Maurer (PI)   2015-2017

A rat model of cannabis smoke self-administration

The objective of this grant is to develop a novel delivery system for marihuana self-administration in rats. The long term goal is to better model the effects of marihuana seeking on dependence.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Foundation    Neubert (PI)    2015-2017

Mapping Towards a Cure Identification of Neurophysiologic Signatures of Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain

We will use state of the art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines to locate these centers in people with TN before and after their pain has started. In a similar and parallel study, we will image the brain and spinal cord in rats that have different facial nerve injuries.

University of Florida/McKnight Foundation   Febo (PI)   2011-2016

New Faculty Seed Funds

Supplying laboratory, personnel salary, and pilot data collection for grant submissions

NIH R01NS065849    Candelario-Jalil (PI)    2011-2016

Cyclooxygenase-2 regulation of blood brain barrier opening in ischemic stroke

Diffusion, structural and functional imaging of rats with experimentally induced ischemic stroke

NIH R01NS077004   Sadleir (PI); Carney (UF PI)    2014-2019

Direct Functional Imaging of Direct Brain Stimulation

Subcontract with Arizona State University to examine the effects of direct current stimulation in rat brain using fMRI

Bachmann Strauss Foundation   Okun (PI)   2013-2016

UF Center of Excellence in Dystonia Research

Funding for imaging animal models of dystonia


University of Florida/McKnight Foundation   Zubcevic (PI)    2014-2015

Functional mapping of novel bone marrow – brain interactions: role in neuroinflammation

Functional magnetic resonance mapping of brain stem/forebrain neural circuitry controlling peripheral bone marrow derived progenitors cell activation

University of Florida/McKnight Foundation    Li (PI)    2014-2015

Imaging the functional neural circuits of dystonia

Diffusion weighted imaging and functional magnetic resonance imaging of various mutant mouse strains modeling distinct motor deficits of dystonia

University of Florida Brain Institute    Setlow (PI)    2013-2014

Passive exposure to second hand marijuana smoke

Pilot funds for collecting behavioral and imaging data following acute and chronic exposure to marihuana smoke

NIH-NIDA R01 DA019946  Febo (PI)    2007-2013

Brain Imaging of Cocaine and Maternal Reward

The goal is to investigate the long-term neural alterations in the maternal rat brain that are associated with prepregnancy cocaine exposure.